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Well, here’s the problem. You could read this book. You probably should read this book. But then you are faced with being in the exact situation as me. Wondering to yourself, “Now what?” “What can I do?” John Perkins is the author of the famous “Confessions of an Economic Hitman,” and follows that up with “Hoodwinked,” a book about why the financial markets melted down, tracing the scenario back, back, back and over the fence. It’s fascinating and horrifying, and things haven’t really changed. The power lies with the people, us, but the governments and “corporatocracy” want to maintain their control with less and less regulation, oversight and penalties for when they get caught doing many of the things they love to do. Things that make small numbers of people very, very rich, but things that don’t often jive with making the world a better, cleaner or safer place.

When I look around the world today, heck even our culture, much of what I see is driven by greed. Greed is a sport now, delivered in real time by the “sickness media,” which is my new term for “social media.” We are the best consumers the world has ever seen.

I wanted to share one passage. If you know me, you’ve heard me say this exact same thing for years.

“If you manage to bury people beneath loans they can not repay and keep them entertained with sports, American Idol, and the sex lives of celebrities, you can control their desires and financial decisions. You can manipulate and exploit them.”

Get it, read it at your own risk.

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