Read: Down the Long Hills

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Don’t judge me. I know what you literally snobs are thinking. “I would NEVER read something like this.” “How ghastly.” Ya, okay, whatever. Good guys, bad guys, Native Americas, gold, rivers, great land, corrupt people, coffee over a campfire, and massive shootouts. Sounding better?

Okay, probably not but hear me out. Eighty-nine novels, fourteen books of short stories, numerous non-fiction websites and forty-nine of his books have been made into movies. Just think about that. Haters gonna hate but the dude knew what he was doing and knew his market. We can all learn a lot from that, especially those who are attempting to sell their photography or books. Down the Long Hills is a classic example of a Louis L’Amour book. Short, quick, and deadly. If you have not read one of these you should. Just relax and go with it.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with a good western. I was never a big reader until I discovered L’Amour’s books in my middle school library. My reading lists are much broader now, but every once in a while, I still pick up one of his books and sit down with a strong cup of black coffee.

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  2. I spent most of my teenage years and my 20 s reading Westerns .. Louis was my favorite.. then I got into fantasy then crime .. I love books .. I always remember my first introduction to reading by my mum as an 8 year old .. my world was never the same again ..

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      Same for me. Mom. I blame her. My mom made a handmade book about race cars. She would read it to me at night.

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