Read: Deep Creek

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I had never heard of Pam Houston. Sam Houston, yes, I’d heard of him, but not Pam. My bad. Apparently, she is famous. I somehow missed this point. But, I’m catching up and I chose a good book to do so.

Deep Creek, Finding Hope in the High Country is a book that felt so familiar I can’t stress how quickly and how effortlessly I entered in and exited out. Pam and I, yes I’m using her first name, share several things in common. The West, ranch life, travel and the idea that both of us know we are at the mercy of something far larger, far greater and far harder to put a finger on.

Something I loved about this book. Before Houston finds her ranch high in the Colorado wilds, she is somewhat lost. Her life fits in a Toyota Corolla and she departs to find her place in the world. Her acquisition of the ranch is HIGHLY unlikely yet anyone who knows these places, especially during these older times, knows that sometimes these things just kind of work out.

Houston finds her ranch and it forever changes her life and her view of just about every aspect of being human. And the author lives through challenges that might end a lesser being. Some of these challenges are dealt with in the space of a few short lines but their sting carries on long after the book is finished.

The book dives to great depth in regard to things like family, fire, weather, animals, isolation and the razor’s edge of not only acquiring property but more importantly, holding on to it. One of the most important aspects of her story is that her ranch is now in a land trust which means it won’t be subdivided.

I will buy a copy of this book for my mother who will love, love, love it. She will call and say “Oh Daniel, I can’t believe it. This is just like us.” Get it, read it.

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