Read: Dark Matter

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A quick but fun read. Kinda like a version of The Terminator that never quite got made. Author probably hates that description but I enjoyed the book, so it’s all for good. And I remember where I was when I first heard about The Terminator. Standing in line after PE class, waiting to get in the main building for lunch.(Our school had some violence, so there were strange rules in place. We had drug deals, teachers being beat up and one major DEA sting, just in case you are wondering.)

Blake Crouch brings us Dark Matter. You might know the author from his Wayward Pines series. I’ve never read those, so no help there, but clearly lots of people have.

This book is about the question what if your life isn’t your life as you know it. A scientist, a breakthrough discovery in regard to Quantum Mechanics/Physics and suddenly you are you, again and again and again with potential for either a violent death at your own hands or a slow death in a world of your imagination. Don’t want to give too much away.

I’ve always wondered “What if our entire life is a dream created during the FIRST time we fell asleep?” “What if our entire world is a speck on a dog’s ass?” These things keep me up at night people. What breed of dog? Take your pick. Get it, read it.

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