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Did this book remind me I’m a total dumbass? Sure. It didn’t take much to remind me but I truly am a dumbass. “Conscious,” by Annaka Harris makes you read and reread passages because what you are having to ponder makes you question life itself.

Things like panpsychism and the Double Slit experiment. I would read the chapter then stop reading and realized I didn’t understand any of what I had just read. So I reread and reread and reread. And now I’m wondering if I’m real, this laptop is real or if I can time travel. I have a van now so anything is possible.

Just read this thing and prepare to find a quiet space to actually think about things that don’t seem possible.

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  1. I think you read a book an hour, I can’t keep up. I’m also over here laughing my ass off.

    “…or if I can time travel. I have a van now so anything is possible.”

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    2. My first thought was the testing/cheating scene in Spies Like Us: “I was under the impression there was no math involved.” I think that’s the movie.

      I can’t wrap my head around that. I’ll give it another try, but man. Ouch.

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