Read: Biography of a Germ

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I’ve been dealing with Lyme Disease since 2014. Lyme is like my shadow. I am someone unlucky enough to endure something called “Chronic Lyme,” which means marathon of illness, not sprint. This has simply been the greatest health challenge of my life. My hair goes gray in six months. My mother makes a comment and I say “With what I’ve endured, I’m amazed I even have any hair.”

But before I go any further. Chris, who are you? I’m searching for the Chris who sent me this book, from Europe I’m guessing as the note was written on stationery from the Grand Hotel et Des Palms in Palermo. Chris reach out. Need and want to thank you.

This book is wonderful. “Milnor, how can a book about Borrelia burgdorferi, otherwise known as Lyme bacteria, be wonderful?” Because it is so well written. Arno Karlen wrote this “little” book and turned the story of a microbe’s life into a history lesson, and medical lesson and even added a little humor. These authors amaze me.

This book was written in 2000 and needs and update based on the new data but if you know ANYONE suffering from this disease or if you want to make yourself aware of how this microbe thrives then by all means get this book.

I will not only keep this book I will use the data to help those who reach out in desperation. Biography of a Germ is essential Lyme reading.

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