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Once again, I’m late to the game. Pretty much everyone I know has read Simon Winchester, but me. Until now. This is a great book. A book about an ocean that reads like an adventure novel. A few things.

Winchester has led a remarkable life. The casual references to his exploratory trips are staggering. “Oh ya, I happened to be on the Skeleton Coast at the most remote grave in the world,” kind of thing. The man has traveled this body of water, for sure. Africa, US, Europe, Greenland, S. America, etc. etc. He also explains global warming in a way that is not only non-political but also explains things in a way that make this phenomenon digestible, maybe even for the hold outs. Man’s influence on the ocean as opposed to man’s cause of the catastrophe. (I think we deserve what is coming.)

Atlantic is just one of MANY books by this author. And believe me, I’m going to be grinding my way through these others. I finished this book while sitting at 1000 Steps beach in South Laguna. So, staring at the Pacific while reading about the Atlantic. What could be more poetic?

Winchester has such an easy style, even when it comes to the gritty details. Well worth your time and effort. Get it, read it. Simon, if you read this I want to hang out with you. Please write to me.

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  1. Yep. Everything I’ve read of his has been a great read. Always informative and very readable. Haven’t read this one, so it goes on my list. Thanks!

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