Read: A Visit From The Goon Squad

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This is quite a book. Unique in my mind. I’m not really sure how to describe it, other than it snaps you off with precision, twisting and turning with a single paragraph. One chapter, toward the back, is all diagrams. Yep, diagrams. What I’m learning about these wonderful authors is their ability to observe and cut, observe and cut. You and me, our behavior, our passive aggressive shit. Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From The Good Squad requires your undivided attention. Read a bit and come back and you might miss things or overlook the nuance. This book made me feel and that’s about all I can ask. Oh, and it won the Pulitzer, which people tell me is a big deal….. Thanks Jennifer. Get it, read it.

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      That might sum up my blogging skills more that any other event. Thanks for the find. I rode, did yoga, did the post then rode again. I’m fried.

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