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I’ve been fascinated by Afghanistan for as long as I can remember. Then, in college, I found Afghanistan 1980-1989\ by Ed Grazda and was even more fascinated. Then I found Night Letters by Rob Schulties and my obsession became even stronger. And then there was An Unexpected Light, The Forever War, etc. And now, A Door in the Earth by Amy Waldman.

Novel. Afghanistan. Complexity. War. History. Family. Facade. And what happens when it all comes apart. This was a book that slowly built toward an endgame of disallusionment, from all sides.

A book is written. It becomes a best seller. The book influences many to take action but what if not all is as it seems. What happens when fact betrays fiction? I enjoyed this book as it reminded me that no matter how bad you want to believe something it may or may not be true. And when it comes to Afghanistan there are no easy answers.

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  1. Thank for opening me up to books I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about. On another note, I read BONE GAMES by Rob Schultheis a good 25 years ago. Never got rid of my copy, in all my moves since then. It’s back on my To Be Read list for this winter.

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