Print: The Isthmus, Andrew Kaufman

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The magazine format is a unique beast. The spine-on-top magazine is a truly rare beast, but when it works it works. Add in a printed envelope and what you have is a very cool, very powerful promotional tool. This latest print feature is yet another publication from Miami-based Andrew Kaufman who for almost a decade has flown south to cover the expansion of the Panama Canal. I’m linking this because it’s astounding how many Americans don’t seem to know anything about this little scar on the Earth. In fact, when I went to Panama I was asked by a local what Americans thought of the canal. I said “I don’t know, it’s never come up in conversation.” You may or may not know but the canal is being expanded. Like a lot. They say there is so much Earth being moved it will alter the weather patterns of the entire region and will impact most of the people in the world, not that that matters when I’ve got selfies to take. KIDDING. Have a look at this baby and start laying out your own serial pub.

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  1. Panama is basically the biggest economic choke point on earth. By which I mean the biggest impediment to getting superfluous Nikes to people who can’t really afford them but will anyways. By expanding the canal, we’ll significant increase the rate at which the last pennies of the 99% are extracted and placed into the pockets of the 1%! And THAT as I’m sure you are aware, is the MOST IMPORTANT THING!

    Plus, I bet it’s a hell of a cool engineering project.

    1. Post

      The fact that you know ANYTHING about the canal puts you in rare air. And yes, we all need those Nikes. As for engineering, it’s rumored that the canal will displace enough Earth to alter the climate in that particular region. Yikes.

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