PRINT: Magic City, Edition One

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I’m a huge fan of collaboration.

A few months ago I was passing through Florida and decided to stay for a few days. Andrew Kaufman and I decided to take two days and attack Miami. Kaufman lives there, has for twenty five years, so we had a jump start on where to go, what to look for. I decided to shoot mostly Polaroids and he chose to shoot color negative. We had a good two days. After I returned home I scanned my Polaroids and he edited his film and we ultimately sent the work to Chloe Ferres in Sydney to see if she wanted to design the book. She did. What you have here is the result. “Magic City.” Chloe does unique things with design, and her Blurb books are fantastic, so what she did with Magic City was pure Chloe. Hint, part or the book is designed to be cut up….

Last week I found myself in Miami once again. Kaufman and I put another two days aside and shot a second book. Unknown what this will look or feel like but it’s coming….This time for me it was about more copy. More thoughts, observations and another twist on things. Not sure about anything, but next to me sits another fat stack of roids.

Here is a photograph of the limited set of books being packaged to ship out. These books are not for sale. I’ve printed a small number and have a list of people I’m going to send them to. This will be the only way for anyone to get a book from me. I’m sending books to people I find interesting and inspiring, many of whom I’ve never met. I may hear something, or nothing. That’s okay.

PS: “Magic City Two” has just been completed and will also be designed….I hope….by the one and only Chloe. Stay tuned.


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  1. Looks like an excellent piece of work. Knowing the different styles between you two makes it interesting enough but I’m sure Chloe was the icing on the cake to make them play together beautifully.

    Great to ‘see’ you inspired and actively shooting…..for a photographer at large 😉

    1. Post

      Her design is key to the entire thing. The imagery is okay not fantastic, so the design saves it. That’s why I work with people smarter than me!

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