Print: Maggie Steber’s Rite of Passage

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This is one of those incredible books that stayed with me LONG after I’d finished viewing. I was recently in Miami and was able to meet up with long-time idol and uber-human Maggie Steber. I didn’t even know she made this book. I looked down and asked “Ah, what’s that?” BOOM. Simple. Strong. Powerful images. Sad and personal story. This book allows the images to do the talking and they are strong enough you can’t really look away or get distracted. Rare. This book is proof you don’t need the girth of a coffee table monolith to make your point. With tough subject matter the design of the book can help the readers engage by offering up an object that is approachable and warm. This work was exhibited at the Leica Gallery, and rumor has it Maggie might do a limited edition run of this book. Stay tuned.

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  1. Dearest Daniel, I don’t know if I ever thanked you for writing this lovely tribute. If I didn’t write, I apologize. I ran across it this morning and I had seen it before but I just
    can’t remember if I took the time to write to you. It’s lovely and it means a great deal to me as this is the most important work I’ll ever do and being with my mother and holding her in her last hours and as she took her last breath was an honor and a gift to me. Other people who have seen this work are deeply moved and have written to me. So many of them want to photograph their families and especially parents going through end of life and memory loss and I encourage them to do so because in the end, these will be the most important treasures we have. Thank you for being moved by it and for writing about it and for being you, a very generous person with a great mind. Maggie Steber

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