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Are you laughing at my cover design? You should be. In my defense I was in the Blurb office when I decided to make this. Came out of a meeting about Magcloud and thought “You know, never done an 8×8.” Walked to desk and ten minutes later was uploading the file. What’s odd is that everything in this is water based, but I have no recollection of actually planning that. I was just grabbing random images, but apparently I’m so skilled and intelligent I can do no wrong…..

I love Magcloud. You should too. Beautiful, unassuming documents that look so damn good. Some of you might still be camped out in front of my house hoping for a glimpse of my last Magcloud publication which details this very site. If you aren’t experimenting with this service you are out of your mind. There is no excuse.

My personal favorites are magazine, digest and the 8×8. I have massive plans for this platform, which will be tempered by my lack of time, new work and wandering mind, but it’s just too good to pass up.

Happy Magcloud making people. Ping me if you have questions.

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  1. Hi Dan, what program do you use to design these in when printing with Magcloud ? Guess you can’t use Bookwright or Booksmart for these


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  2. Cheers Dan.
    Think I am going to play with the mag format in Bookwright first as don’t have InDesign.

    Lightroom lets me produce contact sheets as jpegs for a project I haven’t completed yet. I am not able to shoot any more for it so would like either a full set of contacts to wrap it up or maybe browsing the contacts I can find a sequence to make into a small book or a digest.
    Anyway, thanks for the original post that prompted the idea.

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      I THINK This is a way to do them in Photoshop as well. Let me snoop around. Books of contact sheets are always interesting.

    2. In Lightroom CC there is the print module. Blurb has their books templates in there, but not magazine ones or MagClouds magazines.
      That being said, I am pretty sure you can use the dimensions MagCloud gives you for gutter, margins, etc. and setup your own template and make them right in Lightroom to PDF.

      Adobe needs to extend Typekit into Lightroom as well as allow full customization of the text and photo frames in their print module. Apple Aperture had that down cold, but that ship has sailed.

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      Aperture….sob, sob. And yes, there is much to do with integration. Luckily, I have NOTHING to do with that…

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