PRINT: General Thinker by Remo Giuffre´

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I’ve written about Remo before, and also mentioned his book, but here is a bit more detail in regard to the publication itself. My first rule about books is how they make me feel. This book makes me feel like I want to open it, and I have many times. I keep it above my desk, and in moments of need I reach up and crack it open. Random chapters. Morsels of insight. This is a 6×9 with flexi-cover, ribbon,checkerboard bands and printed end sheets. The size makes it approachable, as does the design. This is also a Blurb offset book meaning it was printed in China in significant quantity. Remember, you won’t find these customizations on our site. It’s up to YOU to figure out what you want, hence the idea of “custom.” I highly recommend this book if you can get your hands on one! OH, a newsflash. This book was also chosen to be sent out to all the attendees of the 2015 TED Conference.

Also, I was trying to find a way to describe Remo because a lot of people ask about him. I have numerous answers, but the one I like today is this. You know how people are quick to want to show you things on their phone and iPad? Most of the time they flip through decades of stray images, begin to describe what they want you to see but never get around to finding, and if they do find their visual tidbit it turns out to be a plate of food or some horrible HDR image of some sort. Well, when Remo says “I want you to see something,” it’s always good and there is no wait. Boom. Enlightenment.

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