PRINT: Flemming Bo Jensen’s “Diario del Peru´”

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Most of you are familiar with Danish Jedi Flemming Bo Jensen, but a few years ago he created something interesting you may or may not know about. “Diario del Peru´” A custom, 6×9, withe certificate of authenticity as well as a small, editioned print. Now, a significant number of people who use Blurb could be doing this exact thing, but I believe that only 15% of the creative field actually takes advantage of what they have in hand. So for the moment I’m lumping Flemming in this small group. He does other things as well, but for me this was a smart use of the Blurb platform. You might also know him as half of Coffee and Magic, the team who built this site and many others. The other, more Earthly and sane half is Charlene Winfred.

Diario del Perú – making a limited edition in 30 seconds from Flemming Bo Jensen on Vimeo.

Diario del Perú from Flemming Bo Jensen on Vimeo.

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