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I’ve featured Chloe Ferres here before and I’m sure I will do so again. She makes great books. In fact, a book we did together last year, with Andrew Kaufman, was recently up for a book of the year award. I just got THIS little book in the mail from Chloe. What I like about books like this is they make me think about my photography, and how conservative I am. About how I live under a set of rules about images that really make no sense. And yet I still seem to hold these rules in high regard. She shoots, edits and designs work that makes me THINK.

Just look at these images. They make me pause, wonder and think “Why don’t I shoot what I normally shoot but also shoot THIS kind of stuff.” It just gives you so many more options, not to mention the image contain intrigue. But that is what makes Chloe Chloe. As many of you know, she has made numerous books, each offering a unique something, and when I say “unique” I mean they typically offer something I’ve never seen anyone else do. That’s rare. And good. Thanks Chloe.

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  1. These look fantastic Chloe.

    Dan, I just read your next post on Street Photography and your comments about being a story based guy and also wishing you could detach more and then backed up to read your comments about Chloe’s book in this post and it made me think. I too prefer to see and make images that are story based but lately I’ve pushed myself to just shoot. If there is an impulse, just push the button. What has emerged, to my surprise, is colour and relationship based forms, many of which I am very happy with. They would be classified as abstract if you to had to classify them. What they are to me is an encouraging reminder to let the inner child out. Let go ‘the assignment’; the work based world thinking we get caught up in. I see you’ve tried doing this with your sketching and painting. (Humbly) Why not give yourself permission to trying with photography? Chloe’s work is an excellent example of what that can look, and more importantly feel, like.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. JT,

      Stop telling me what to do. KIDDING. Yes, I totally agree. I would LOVE to just snap. And I do, but my mind has a hard time not sequencing and looking for theme. But, after many, many years of doing this it’s habit more than anything else. I also like the idea of shooting loosely. Not being so concerned about composition. But, I’m not shooting at all really so no need to worry about it. Thanks for writing. Now go boating!

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