Print: Chloe Ferres 3×300

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You won’t find a more creative Blurb user than Chloe Ferres. I met Chloe in Sydney a little less than two years ago. I was in my second, three-hour presentation of the day when suddenly this young woman two rows back began asking really good questions. Whenever I do one of these talks there are a number of people in the audience who you know have their act together. Two days after I gave that talk I received an email from Chloe saying “Enjoyed your talk, just created these books.” What greeted me were a series of books, all conceptual and all very well done. Turns out this was not her first Blurb rodeo. Chloe had completed a wide variety of books using the platform, and would continue to do so. She has done things with our books that nobody else in the world has done, including books designed to be cut up.(More on this later.) What more can I say?

A legit threat in both design and photography. Stay tuned for many more great things from this young creative.

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