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A few short months ago Blurb released a new addition to the “Trade” book lineup…8×10. Like I do with all things NEW I made a test book, or test magazine in this case. The 8×10 lives in a crossover position in my mind. Could be a book, could be a magazine. These books are different than our photo books, use different materials, etc. They are also prime for distribution via the Blurb Global Retail Network. Have a look, make one and enjoy the ride. This shoot was my favorite kind of “Leica, environmental portrait.” Two bodies, two lenses, color and black and white. If I had my choice I wouldn’t do anything else.

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  1. It reminds me to the first thing I printed with Blurb, an 8×10 soft cover photo book with the Bookify app. If the quality is the same I’m sure it’s going to be a very nice addition.
    By the way, is this Black Mesa up for sale?

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      The Trade Books are different from the photo books. Different materials. Well worth a look. All very cost effective. This particular issue is NOT for sale, but stay tuned. I have one in the works that will be for sale…

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      Nope. Sorry. However, a new pub in the works, a for sale something. You can sign up on my site. Look for the “book subscription newsletter,” under the “Print” tab.

  2. Have watched your very detailed video on making Trade Books with Blurb and I think I am now going to look at an 8″ x 10″ Trade Book for my first book. I ordered a Swatch Kit from Blurb so I can see the differences in paper quality.

    The one think I would have liked is the ability to produce a Trade Book within Lightroom – particularly the ability to automatically add in camera, lens, ISO, shutterspeed, etc settings for each photograph.

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      Yes, that would be a great feature to add. Hopefully at some point. Remember, trade books are tools designed for global distribution. They weren’t really intended to be photography books but they actually look really solid. If you want a straight photo book you might be better off with a photo book option, like 8×10. More cost but high-end photographic paper. Always good to test.

    2. Daniel

      Yes I appreciate that the trade books are not meant to be traditional photography books. However, they are very cost effective for friends, etc to purchase.

      I would like to do a small limited edition and my thoughts are either a soft cover photo book or hardcover trade book for this. I would then use the soft cover trade book as the standard version.

      However, having read your reviews of publications and watching videos recently I am very excited about the prospect a designing a book or two… I’ve a few ideas.

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