Print: “Apparatus” by Lawrence Fodor

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Larry Fodor is one of those guys that drives me crazy, in a good way. I’ve interviewed and featured Larry on the site before, and I’m sure I will again. He’s an artist and bookmaker and is incredibly inspiring. I’ve taken a few friends to Larry’s studio and they typically emerge talking to themselves about what they witnessed, experienced or were illuminated by. Larry finally sat down and created a book about this exact place and the type of “Apparatus” of what lives within. Now, he first created a small version of this book, but what I’m featuring here is the new, large version. Both of these books are beautiful and currently hold pole position on my coffee table. This is how the book is described on Larry’s author page.

Look around a painter’s studio – it will be a reflection of the painter – a mirror of the way the artist sees, hears, thinks and relates to the world and his surrounds. This collection of photographs of studio vignettes and trenchant impressions in the studio of Lawrence Fodor is accompanied by an insightful essay on the artist’s work and process by Aline Brandauer and quotes by the artist.

I love how the essay is run under the photographs and as part of the narrative of the design. Either size, this book is a gem.

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