PRINT: Andrew Kaufman’s Miami Journal

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Nobody is going to assign or ask you to do a book like this. Everything about a book like this goes against what the modern industry is telling you to do. Shooting film, making prints, making a single book from this material are all things that fly directly in the face of what modern photography has become. Shoot digital, PROMOTE yourself to a sickening level and share your work on a minute by minute basis. It’s for precisely these reasons books like this are perhaps the best thing going. Small runs. Personalized. Crafted. You don’t have to use Blurb to do, there are many ways from point A to point B, but I actually think Blurb is a very solid tool for doing these type thing. Personally, I’ve done many, and there are many more on the way. Kaufman has done two books on the Miami street art scene if you are so inclined.

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