Read: A Season on the Wind

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Kenn Kaufman,  author of the cult-classic "Kingbird Highway," returns with "A Season on the Wind: Inside the World of Spring Migration."

In the birding world, spring migration is like the Super Bowl, World Cup, The Coney Island Power Eating Championships, and the Swamp Buggy Racing World Title rolled into one. Kenn Kaufman, legendary birder, naturalist and author of the cult-classic “Kingbird Highway,” returns with “A Season on the Wind: Inside the World of Spring Migration.”

How often do you hear anyone say “Geez, can’t wait to go to Ohio.”

Answer: never. Unless you adhere to the saga of our feathered friends, and then you know that northwestern Ohio during spring migration is the Shangri-La of the birding world. Millions of birds, mid-migration voyage come down to the ground. What was once a massive swamp area provides both protection and fodder for birds on their routes north. This book is a history lesson, and story of progress vs protection and an explanation of something called “The Biggest Week in American Birding,” something I am hoping to hit before our species kills everything off. In my opinion, the truth about birds and conservation, or migration for that matter, is a tough sell to the average person. They just don’t care. If you pit warbler migration against the new series on Netflix, the birds don’t stand a chance. But for those curious souls, well, this book is a must.