London Journal Two

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It was that kind of day. The kind where you lineup a dozen or so cameras and you venture forth. This time it was with the London Lomography folks who were kind enough to outfit our students with cameras and film. Their work will ultimately end up in magazine form with each student receiving their own copy.

We walked past some palace thingy and some big clock thingy and some square with some dude on a statue. You might know some of these places. Apparently they are well known. I love the English. I love the ritual and tradition here. I love the volume of beer consumed on a daily basis. I love the idea of pub culture.(As much as someone who is gluten free and doesn’t drink can love something.) And I also love the intricacy and intimacy of the streets. I must have recorded a half dozen languages as I walked the cobbles. This place is LOADED with tourists. People seem jazzed to be here. Thank God it was sunny. I can handle cold or rainy but not cold AND rainy.


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  1. Hi Daniel, welcome to Blighty
    an informal term for Britain or England).

    If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes. If I lived in London, perhaps I’d shoot film again. I haven’t seen as much film in a shop as is in your photograph for a long time. Photography shops are getting as rare as hen’s teeth out here in the sticks. Cities will be great to live in again, once we embrace electric vehicles.


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      GREAT point. My hotel is so loud. It wasn’t when I got here, but now it’s off the charts. Ear plugs, so electric is the way to go. Amsterdam was so quiet. A model for the future just happening to exist now. London is filled with film shops and labs.

  2. Daniel, I was watching a t..v. programme about how Amsterdam is so bike-friendly and the wonderful infrastructure that allows cyclists to commute right into the city centre on their bikes and the person being interviewed said that yes, it was great, but it took 20 years to put it all into place. Infrastructure needs long-term planning. Politicians make short-term decisions that help them get back into government.

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      Yes, won’t happen in my lifetime in places like LA. There is total lack of vision in a place like LA. At some point it will cease to function. $5 gas, unbreathable air, but I’ll be long gone before then.

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