London Journal Four

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I really don’t have much to show for myself today. I didn’t get out much. We have a double event schedule starting this afternoon, so I’m in prep mode and pace mode. This might seem like a strange image to lead a blog post with, but listen to the track below and see where it fits in. Nothing stops people in their tracks like a guy with audio recorder. A fire alarm at 5AM just about stroked me out and I’ve been a bit off ever since. I think I wandered in a circle for at least a minute before fulling comprehending it was a fire alarm. My cat-life reflexes were gone as I tried to understand the cruelty of such a prank. Turns out a little “mishap” in the kitchen was to blame. There was no use trying to sleep after. I could feel my pulse through my eyelids.

Tonight was a large party for a festival we are attending over the next few days. I made a few pics of my coworkers in the beginning stages of prep. Books, food, drinks. You know, the usual party ingredients. Last pic here is of a little magazine lineup. FullSizeRender-2

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