Just Listen: Reid Callanan, What is Art?

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Reid Callanan is the founder and director of The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, one of the legendary institutions in photography. I sat down with Reid to talk life, photography, travel, education and yes, art. Stay tuned for an upcoming hour-long “Dispatch” episode.

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  1. This is such an interesting question, mainly because of the kinds of answers you get. They’re all over the place.

    Is it about how it’s done? What it does? What the MOMA curation team thinks? Highbrow or low?

    I have my own ideas, but it doesn’t matter. The only ones I hate are the thoughtless ones. “Oh well it’s all subjective, isn’t it?” and crap like that, which totally dismisses the question as something that has no answer.

    Just because there’s more than one answer doesn’t mean there aren’t ANY answers.

    1. Post

      What I like is that certain people don’t have an answer, but over a minute or two talk themselves into a very real, very honest answer. A few of these coming up….

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