Just Listen: Newport Beach

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I really don’t enjoy photographing in Southern California, at least not compared to the majority of other places I travel, but when I do find myself with an urgent need to expose something I head to the pier. The pier attracts a range of human that adds a thin layer of interest to an otherwise sterile beach community. The pier attracts everyone. The dregs and divas. Foreign and domestic. Everyone leaves their trash.

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  1. Have I told you how much I love ‘just listen’?

    You’ve got a good sense of balance. Enough words, not too many. A right sized sound clip.

    Just the right pop off joy to lighten my day.

    And weirdly like a photo. It’s a tiny sliver of time and place that makes me feel, probably falsely, like I know what’s going on, a little, but also raises questions.

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      So YOU are the one???? Finally, I figured this out…I’m about to major changes to the site, and the “Just Listen” section, also one of my favs, is going to survive the cut. I really enjoy making this section. I’m off to Portland and will doing making as many of these as possible. Went back to my Zoom recorder and shotgun mic, which I think works far better than the iPhone, which I gave to my wife. Power on! Thank you!

    2. If you feel like it, I’d enjoy hearing the process for making these things.

      Do you just open up for 30 seconds and that’s it? Are you recording hours of ambient sounds, and curating it down to the best 30 seconds? Are we in fact listening to mixes, or raw clips? And so on.

      I’m now fascinated by this comparison to photography, see. And I’m a tech-nerd, so when I see Art I want to take it apart like a watch and see how it works. I never can put it back together again, of course…

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