Just Listen: Harbor, Sydney

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There is something about a good harbor that gets my juices flowing. Cruise ships get my juices flowing but in a different way. They are strange beasts filled with strange people heading to strange lands to that they can eat too much at a buffet. Yes, I’m bagging on cruises, but if you were to give me one I’d be lined up at the gate banging to get on board so I could put my own beatdown on the buffet. I see it as a challenge. Like climbing Mt. Everest or swimming with White Pointers.

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  1. The gentleman with the didgeridoo and electro-techno-beats seems to have been a fixture in and around Sydney’s Circular Quay. I’d always walked past, in my apparent rush to get to one place or another. Listening to the sound sample now is evocative, the gentleman’s constancy and sounds as part of the sonic landscape with the cruise ships, City ferries, and the mass of people at the Quay.

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      That area is so loaded with…stuff. People, noise, ships, helicopters, school kids, etc. I think it would be easy to land there and not hear anything only because it’s overwhelming.

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