Gear Head: Grand Canyon Father’s Day Tribute

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First episode of “Gear Head.” I figured the day after Father’s Day would be a good time to debut this little category. My father is gone, but trust me when I say he had plenty of moments like the man in this photo. We tortured my father, like good children do, and at times we felt his wrath. Other times, well, he crumbled like a stale cookie. I shot this baby on the Olympus OM4Ti. GREAT camera.

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  1. I was gifted 2, yes 2, OM1-MD bodies as well as OM lenses, the 28mm f2.8, 50mm f2.8, and the amazing 135mm f2.8. I was so impressed that first off one functioned flawlessly and secondly that the other body worked even though it that had a focusing screen so bad it looked like someone ran it over with their car and the bottom plate was missing. Thirdly, once I actually used it, I was amazed at how small and light it was compared to the Canon AE-1 I have.

    Here is a link to some photos from a test roll.

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  2. Having a good chuckle after listening to this one.

    ..Forget crack people, it turns out a trip to a National Park is the number one killer of families in America.

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    2. God, no. I just loved your turn of phrase enough to type it in and say it out loud myself.

      I’m a dad and I have no idea how the hell we do it either. Not having a choice is probably part of it.

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      My nephew just left. One week with 16-year-old. I’m alive and a smarter person. He’s cool.

  3. Nope. I’m not buying another camera.

    I have whittled it down to only two film cameras now and that’s confusing enough for me. The Olympus looks good though.

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      Two is great. Fifteen is better. I’m going to post a dizzying array of images from a dizzying array of cameras.

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