Dispatches: Sto Len

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Sto Len is a painter, sculptor, sound and performance artist based in NY. He has exhibited his paintings and sculptures internationally, including exhibitions in NY, Japan, London, Australia, Denmark, Canada and Mexico City. In 2004, Sto founded the alternative arts space Cinders Gallery in NY which held exhibitions for 7 years and has since become a project-based non profit arts organization.
In 2009, Sto performed as Lupus Yonderboy in an 8 hour piece entitled CASE along with avant composer Tony Conrad and porn star Sasha Grey in an adaptation of William Gibson’s sci-fi novel Neuromancer at the New Museum in New York. In 2011, Sto completed the Time Synch Residency at the Clocktower Gallery in NY with his sound and performance work.
He has performed under various monikers over the years including DUBKNOWDUB, STOLEN TEMPLE PILEUP, SATURN DOGS and JUJU MECHANIX, at diverse venues such as MOMA PS1, New Museum, St. Marks Church, Ramiken Crucible, Silent Barn, and Roulette in New York, as well as Latelier Kunst Spiel Raum and the English Theater in Berlin, Theater de Chameleon in Amsterdam, Apiary Studios in London and La Société de Curiosités in Paris.

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