Dispatches: Steve Reisch

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Creating a Dispatch with photographer Steve Reisch was a somewhat last minute score.(I just realized something is wrong with my mic….but Steve sounds fine.I’ve had several XLR cables go bad recently.) Steve had an opening at the Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe and I happened to be in town. The audio gear was setup, ready to go, and Steve was nice enough to stop by. This interview, and the work featured in the show, is primarily focused on Steve’s work with writer, director and actor John Cassavetes. If you don’t know about John Cassavetes just know he was an original. Steve and John have history dating back to the 1980’s. John is no longer with us but luckily Steve is. I love this interview because it speaks to personal work, personal relationships and a moment in time with a lightning rod creative who never compromised. This same work was also exhibited at Canon Hollywood. If you find yourself in Santa Fe make sure you stop by the CCA.

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  1. Nice to see the Dispatches are back.
    I really enjoyed this one. Also i was surprise too when he said he went into photography to fund his passion … Must be the first time I heard of it like that. Usually is the other way around, you go into something else to fund photography.

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