Dispatches: Remo Giuffre´

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Remo Giuffre´is a unique individual. The assignment began like this. “I can’t go to Australia so you are going.” “Okay.” “What’s the mission?” “Remo.” This innocent conversation turned into a remarkable experience, one that led me to the far reaches of Sydney, Bondi and even to the Blue Mountains. Remo is a creative, a merchant, a designer and connector as well as founder of the General Thinking network. Not to mention he just published one Hell of a book. He’s a gentle spirit, connected to friends and family at a more personal level than most. When you are with Remo you are really with him. I do interviews and he texts to see how they went. He asks about Amy (my wife) and becomes our defacto link to the Australian experience. Thanks Remo. He speaks with kindness and teaches us all a few things about life, love and almighty creative risk.

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