Dispatches: Nick Hannes

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Lesson learned. If you try to do an audio interview from the 20th floor of a high rise hotel in a downtown area you might pick up a local radio station through your audio recorder. That station might in fact be a reggae station. It might make recording difficult. You might have to hold the audio recorder in your hand, high above your head, for the entire hour-long interview.

But, it’s all worth it when you get to interview an intelligent, talented person such as Nick Hannes. I was able to capture this interview while spending copious amounts of time at the Head On Photo Festival. We had a little area setup in the main exhibition hall where people could come and look at books. Beside us was a presentation area where featured photographers came to give talks. I was treated to a presentation by Nick who came to speak about his work documenting the Mediterranean. Five years, twenty countries, twenty trips, one book and many exhibitions.

I find the work a beautiful blend of mystery, landscape and contrast. The story is described as “The Continuity of Man” which I find a perfect subtitle. Nick also stated the story is evolving, has no real concrete beginning and end, and the work reflects a region in flux. Tourism, migration, conflict. Nick works at a very specific distance, something I find intriguing, and this distance results in images that border on landscape, urban landscape and wide portraiture. The story was not without it’s dangers, frustrations and challenges, but for anyone interested in how these projects come about, and how these projects are completed, this interview is for you. Thanks Nick.

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  1. Fantastic interview – what an interesting and lovely guy he sounds (and I already think you are too!). I’d have been interested in the impact of his work on his family life but it’s a quibble – this is the best interview I’ve heard on your site. Inspiring and beautiful. Even better, for me anyway, is that I’d never heard of the guy before this and yet looking at his photos I have no idea why not – they’re wonderful. Thanks very much to you both.

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      Thanks for taking time to listen! Nick is a focused guy. Proof of the good that can come from such focus.

  2. Great interview thanks to great questions. I heard about Hannes’ Mediterranean project on Lensculture and accessed to this interview through his website. I admire his work and now I admire even more for his thoughts and insights on becoming an independent documentary photographer. Thanks!

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      Thanks Betul,

      He’s got his act together, works hard and is super focused so I think you will see even more good things from Nick in the future.

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