Dispatches: Moshe Rosenzveig

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Rumored to be the largest photo festival in the world. Head On. And he is the director. CAN YOU IMAGINE how many people are after him? And he was cool enough to sit down with me less than a day after I first ambushed him with the idea of even doing an interview. Now, to be fair and unbiased I had met him before and left him with a truly memorable impression. I showed him work? He was blown away by my abilities? No. I wish. I actually dropped a brand new camera on the floor in front of him the first time we met. CLUNK. Gone, destroyed. And he remembered! Enough said? No, there is more. Like I said, Moshe is the festival director of Head On and the story behind how it started, why it was created, is something to hear. For anyone who has applied for inclusion this is an interview for you. Thanks Moshe.

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