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I’ve been trying to interview Minesh Bacrania for quite some time. He’s elusive. Okay, not really. We just couldn’t figure out the logistics until one day it “suddenly” happened. Why did I want to interview Minesh? Where do I start. Nice? Yes. Professional? Yes. But more importantly, I believe he represents a demographic that is both growing and also in desperate need of help. What demographic you ask? People transitioning to become professional photographers. I hold that title, “Professional” as being completely and utterly sacred, and I know that Minesh has an understanding of what it means and how to contribute to that title, not take away from it.

Minesh had another career. A good one, a fascinating one, although one that he is very humble in regard to. Minesh was an “experimental nuclear physicist.” Yep, you read that correctly. So basically he was like you and I only smart. Something prompted him to depart this scientific life and do something entirely different, which by itself is reason enough to listen to this interview.

When I met Minesh he was just making the move, and I watched as he navigated a field that many consider a total dead end these days. How many times have I heard people say, including myself, “I would never recommend someone go into professional photography NOW.” Luckily, Minesh ignored these warnings and went anyway. AND HE DID IT.

But as you will hear, what you did yesterday has little impact on what you do today. You have to really want this business. Later in the day Minesh had an editorial shoot, so like the faithful sidekick I am, I stood in while he got his lighting dialed. This was a blast. First, the location was beautiful, but it was fun for me to watch another photographer look for photographic sign and begin to build his intended point of view. Yes, this is actually how it works. Minesh knows what he’s after, knows the parts required to get there but doesn’t rule out the luck of the moment, the unexpected or the tangental accident. This comes from PRACTICE and from working long enough to understand how to balance who you are with what the client THINKS they need or want.

If you are leaning toward this business, or just curious about how another photographer thinks, then have a listen.

Thanks Minesh. (Did I mention he drives a Tacoma?)

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      Thanks Mark. Webb is a legend. Cool guy too. Same for his wife. They make quite a photo-pair.

  1. That was a fun interview. Regarding Kodachrome, I know a guy in the north valley of ABQ who has a disassembled Kodachrome processor in his shed, he wants to get it working.

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      That is going to take some doing. K14 is so complex. It would be AWESOME if he did. Just to say it’s possible.

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