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“I’m not really sure what a book publicist does,” I said. And this is how our conversation began. I met Jaki the night before, and because Australians are so nice, she didn’t baulk when I asked “Can I come over and do an interview?” What Jaki gave me in return was one of the best interviews I’ve done, and anyone who has any interest in launching their own book will find heaps of direction in what she has to say. With over twenty years of book publicity experience she is a goldmine of information. All I know is when I launch my “book of the future,” she is going to be my first call. Thanks Jaki. (My voice has a strange echo during this interview, one which I could not hear while recording, but hang with it because what Jaki has to say, and she sounds great, is totally worth it.)

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  1. Fabulous interview. I know ( from experience) that Jaki Arthur is brilliant at her job as she has sold me throughout Britain, Australia and New Zealand

    May she go from strength to strength. She has imagination, character, experience, skill and – perhaps most important of all for writers – integrity. She is also a charming, funny and supportive woman. What more could an author want?

    Sarah Dunant ( writer)

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      That’s fantastic to hear. I really enjoyed the interview, and it wasn’t scripted, nor did she know the questions, which is always telling. For someone to respond that well and that easily it tells me she not only knows her stuff, but that she also believes in it. Thanks for listening and writing!

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