Dispatches: Garry Trinh

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Garry Trinh goes to the same places that you and I go, but he sees very different things. “I work in photography, but I think like an artist,” is perhaps the quote that best sums up what Garry does. I jokingly refer to him as a “legend,” but I’m not really joking. Everyone in Sydney knows Garry, and on more than one occasion I witnessed some serious idolization happening when Garry entered a room. I’ve also stood in a gallery, commented on work hanging on the walls, only to have Garry say “Oh ya, those are mine,” so to say he is humble is a gross understatement. On my last trip to Sydney I was told by several folks that Garry’s show at The Australian Center for Photography was the best show of the year. He is about story, moments and the imaginative power of the compilation. His installations….legendary. He also has a knack of getting his friends to eat insanely hot food. Thanks Garry.

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