Dispatches: Edouard Duval-Carrie´

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I surrendered before it even began. “I can’t speak to you about art,” I said to Edouard Duval-Carrie´as he stood in the doorway of his studio in Miami’s Little Haiti district. Kaufman and I had ambushed Edouard the day before, asking for the portrait and interview, and luckily for all of us he politely said “Of course.” You have to realize something. Edouard is an artist of proportion. He’s what many artists want to be, not only successful but so important to his field, his culture and to our collective visual history. Breaching the entrance to his studio all becomes painfully clear. Something beautiful is happening. Art is happening, real time, and the only reason it’s temporary put on hold is me. I’m the scratch on the record, but he has much to share, and as we closed the door behind us the vortex,once again, resumed it’s patient, fluid dynamic. Thank you Edouard.

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