Dispatches: Darius Himes

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Fraenkel Gallery director Darius Himes is also a cofounder of nonprofit art book publisher Radius Books, and was founding editor of photo-eye Booklist, an international quarterly journal devoted to photography books. Okay, now that we have the official language and description out of the way I can move on to giving you the real skinny. Darius is a guy who should have an ego. He earned it. And yet he doesn’t have one. He’s cool. He works at the highest level in his fields or fields. Photography, publishing, art, galleries, etc. He does it well, but also with a sense of humor, and I can’t tell you how great this is. Unfortunately for him, he is my go-to guy for information when my public school, backwater education fails, which is a very common event. Darius also co-wrote “How to Publish your Photography Book” with Mary Virginia Swanson, one of the best books about publishing you are ever going to find.

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  1. Or just as easily, a Shaman. Shifting sounds like it must come from some crisp new source, uncontaminated by the now or the past. As you are showing Dan, that is not so. Those with insight and something to say are those who see a continuum in which past, present and future are shifting points. They grapple with tradition because the human condition never went away. It never became old hat. They grapple with consequences for the same reason.

    Radio is great by the way. It filters out the noise. Wireless monochrome.

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      Thanks Lionel. I am really loving the audio. Still a lot to learn, but worth it. It’s such a kick when you run into someone who allows you to see the world in a new way, or live their live outside the bounds of “normalcy.”

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