Dispatches: Damon Webster

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Nobody loves photography more than Damon Webster. Not that I’m attempting to reveal his age, but he’s got a knowledge and archive of photography that goes back roughly thirty years. (Okay, forty. Sorry Damon) Damon runs Photoinduced a website he describes as “The first stop in your photographic life.” Running a site like this is more work than you can possibly imagine, but every time I’m with Damon his pulse races with what is on display in the world of photography. He’s moved back to NYC where he is in the middle of all things photo, and he goes to EVERYTHING. He shoots, goes to museums, galleries, shows, bookstores, publishing events and trade shows. Damon is a great source for all things gear and tech, and also for what is actually happening in the city in regard to photography. I wish I could take him to the art schools, parade him in front of the students and say “This guy does more in a weekend than you will do in a month.” He’s an inspiration to me and a great resource for you.

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