Dispatches: Chris Rauschenberg

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One of the things I most appreciate about certain artists is their love of their field even after doing more than any one person should be allowed to do. Let me hit you with a few stats about Mr. Rauschenberg here. 113 solo shows. Photographed all over the world. Co-founder and past president of Photolucida. Board Chairman of Blue Sky Gallery. Co-curated and co-produced over 700 exhibitions. Edited and produced over sixty art and photography publications.

And here’s the thing. Chris is REALLY, REALLY NICE. Like cool nice. For me it’s the eyes. When I made the top image of him I could feel his history and love coming through. And for those of you thinking I’m getting weird on you, maybe I am, but it’s my site and I love weird.

I love to salute those who help others realize their true potential, and I believe Chris is firmly established in this category of cultural icon. This is a man worth studying. His projects, exhibitions, books and ideas. I approached him last minute and he was as gracious and generous with his time, as everyone told me he would be. Much appreciated Chris and keep doing what you do.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Christopher Rauschenberg — his energy reminded me of a number of my photography profs of the same generation from back in school. Very refreshing. Thanks for doing these Dispatches, Daniel. I’ve only just discovered them but I look forward to digging into the collection.

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      I’m fortunate to be able to spend time with these people. They give me a lot of time, which is at a premium these days. Glad you like it.

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