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Flare? What flare? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Chris Orwig is a surfer, photographer, dad and author. He also does other stuff like build things, play things and he asks a lot of questions. In fact, this might be him interviewing me. But I also think he asks a lot of questions of himself, of life, of the why’s that aren’t the easiest questions to deal with. What I’m trying to say is he’s a thinker. He wrote a book titled “The Creative Fight,” which isn’t just a story or philosophy but it’s also a workbook, which I think sums him up rather nicely. A worker. Doer.

We talk about crocodiles in the lineup, photography and what’s out there near the edges of the unknown.

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  1. Fantastic listen.

    My hook happened when I made Surfer’s Photo Annual. Totally sucked in at the point and couldn’t wait for the next publication. I was a free diver and a body surfer so swimming with a camera was natural. I never felt like I was missing a swell. I was there. Immersed in it. Surrounded by it.

    Here it’s different. If I’m riding or skiing, then I feel like I’m missing something.

    The other important piece was your answer to Chris’ question at the very end.

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      I know that feeling, and that feeling of missing something really bothers me. I’m not sure why but I’ve had to train myself to get over it. Especially in Santa Fe in the winter when friends are skinning up, or just skiing for snowshoeing. I’m not great at winter sports and with two partially torn MCL’s I’m not keen on racing to the slopes, so there is a feeling that everyone else is doing something and I’m not. But, I’ve gotten over it, for the most part. I hike, am planning a snowboard mission this winter, and also know that I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. I know a lot of competitive people, and I’ve never been that way, so it’s a balance.

  2. Dan, Chris.
    I was hooked from the get go with this one. Possibly one of my “fav” dispatches so far from the Milnor mind. A great double act you guys make, insight from two sides without ego & without pomposity. Much to mull over, so much so I think it deserves a re-listen or two.
    Thank you again for making the effort to put these together and getting them out into the world, very much appreciated.


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      I figured this might be a popular piece. He’s got real answers because he’s put real thought into things. And I loved how he started asking me questions right from the start. A nice change of pace.

  3. What a day! I start listening to this in the morning, meanwhile I check Chris’ website, I fall in love with his photography, I stumble upon his videos, there is a big sale also so I buy it, I start watching his videos, I love it, I come back to Dispatches, I continue the listening, I almost finish but I have a yoga class to attend (which was so good), I come back and finish on this high note with Chris asking you THE question. You made my day guys, thank you!

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      Hey Claudia,
      Wow, what a great comment. Much appreciated. Got the interview AND the yoga in. Not bad. That’s my kind of day. Thanks for listening.

  4. Daniel, Chris, absolutely brilliant; loved it. That last question, and the answer, were both so good, and honest. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of your new work, Daniel, but I can understand that you may not want to share it yet; as you say, if you start thinking about what people will think of the work, you will (may) be influenced. With regard to the new project, I imagine that you will be mindful of not allowing the work becoming a rant about what has been lost, particularly what you have lost personally. Thinking about it, and what has been said in the audio clip, you may not feel able to post anything for a long time. I’m rambling, but I promise to post no more ‘Great photo’ etc.

    Chris, your mention of producing books to learn something really hit home. Thanks.

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      Hey Mike,
      I’m still a long way off. I’m actually designing the Magcloud Digest right now, from a story I’ve already one, at least in part. I plan to return to the story, then finish the Digest as well as a Blurb Magazine. I might post about some of what I’m doing and some of the images, a few of which you have already seen. The new stuff won’t come till later this year.

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