Dispatches: Ann-Christine Woehrl

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I met Ann-Christine at a party back in the day. At a photo festival in Florida. Didn’t see her again until years later. We were in Paris during the attacks. Then in Miami again for another event and have been in touch ever since. Not only is she talented but she also represents what so many photographers are attempting to be or do. An independent photographer working on long-term projects. This isn’t easy by any stretch but she’s got a smart foundation, a solid track record and continues to find ways of making and delivering distinctive bodies of work.

And she speaks four languages. You know when someone tells you this there is a part of you that thinks, “Really?” She’s half French and half German so those are covered, and she and I speak in English, so that’s covered, and then we attended an event together last weekend and she was holding court in Spanish. And I mean full court. Fluent. DAMN. So unfair.

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  1. Great post Daniel, more of this please. So much information here about photojournalism and how difficult it is to make a living from it. I think that the only way is to make the work that you love and then try and find an outlet, but this is not easy and being able to pay for travel etc. to photograph, with no guarantee of publication or payment, must be daunting.

    The word you were looking for with regard to marriage on the Indian Sub-Continent is dowry: paid to the husband and his family by the wife and her family.

    I’m going to check out Anne-Christine’s website now. Thank you both for the post.


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      Yes. At this point a labor of love for many or most. Working without being compromised is also very tricky. I actually like working on my own more than for a client.

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