Dispatches: Andrew Kaufman

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You’ve seen a lot about Andrew Kaufman on the site as of late. There was a review of his book “I’m in Miami Bitch,” on my Smogranch site. There was also the feature about his small edition Blurb books you can find here. How about his recent novella? And finally, how about his one-of-a-kind, edition of one, Miami Journal. Now, here is my point. PRINT. Andrew knows what printing your work actually means, and it’s something I wish every single photographer understood. In my humble opinion printing makes you a better photographer. Printing forces you to make decisions about your work. Good and bad. Critical. Difficult but necessary. Moving images in the digital space is like riding your bike with a 40mph tailwind. EASY. Going to print takes the drama level up a notch.

Andrew works on long-term projects and a few short-term, including something that he and I are in the process of doing together…as we speak. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be weird.

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