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If you don’t know Chloe Ferres by now then there is simply no hope for you. She is, by far, one of the most original Blurb users I’ve ever seen, living proof of what is possible with print-on-demand offerings. Designer, photographer, book person. I’d heard rumor of a “mystery” book, one that may or may not have been on sale at the Melbourne Art Book Fair, a collaborative work between Chloe and yours truly. Over the period of about one year Chloe asked for single images based on certain themes. I supplied. Then I forgot about the whole thing. As I do. And then this appears in my mailbox.

When I receive a package from Chloe I have to let it sit for a period of time. I can’t open it. I know that what I will find inside will both inspire me and also make me realize I have to get better. This package was no exception. There were TWO publications inside. One small catalog with embossed front cover as well as the collaborative publication which is a Blurb Trade Book. Also included were 3D glasses for an upcoming publication. God only knows. She will nail it I’m sure.

What I’d like you to take from this post is the idea of freedom, spontaneity and making original work. Chloe expresses all of these things on a regular basis. She makes it look easy actually.

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  1. I love the personal touches. Did she create the work specifically for you? And is that her niche? Creating things for people with their own content?

    Just wondering.

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      She drafted the book with me as part of the equation, but she was really the driving force behind the entire thing. Most of the time she does books of her own work but occasionally we get lucky with a collaboration.

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      Can’t wait. I keep waiting for the day when you are no longer reachable because you have become the global design star. It will happen. The star part but maybe not the impossible to reach part.

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