Creative: Visual Diary #013

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I love making these little films. Much of what I do on a daily basis isn’t interesting enough to film, but those in-between moments are both fun and potentially worth sharing. I depart for Paris soon, so there is much happening behind the scenes. Am impressed and excited by how many people have reached out saying they are coming to the city to either meet up or join in the festivities. If photography is your thing then there isn’t any better event to attend unless you have FOMO and then Paris Photo would be entirely miserable. I attended a one-hour strategy session as to how best to tackle the event. After the conclusion, I was asked about my plan. I said, “I can only do ten percent of what is there, so I have already surrendered.”

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  1. Enjoy the new Nikon. It looks like a good bet if, like me, you prefer 24 x 36 formats.

    I notice that you bought sight unseen. That’s also a problem for me, here, because the local (60 klicks away) pro dealership I used to support vanished into the ether not too long after the advent of digital took away its great business selling chemicals, film and camera stuff. I’d now have to buy from Amazon, or some other very distant box-shifter. Not a snowball’s chance in hell of trying before buying. I thought I’d like a D780, but on reflection, it struck me as just too complicated a machine for its own good – or mine. Sometimes I hate the Internet and all that information about camera failures; for me, it leads to paralysis, and I buy nothing anymore. Had great faith in a London dealership, but as mentioned before, Brexit made buying from the UK a madness: massive tax on imports to Spain. Don’t you just love rabble-rouser politicians? You got Trump, but we got Boris and Nigel. May they all rot in hell.

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      I love it. It just works for the kind of thing I like to do. And yes, sight unseen. But a quick check of the specs was really all I needed. If it sucks I would sell it, but luckily it’s dreamy.

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