Creative: Visual Diary #010

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These films are a blast to record, edit, and release. Nothing serious here, just short vignettes of my daily life. They are also a good way for me to practice a range of skills I need to do my job. Speaking of the job, it keeps getting more interesting. The company released a new product today, always a fun thing, and my upcoming travel schedule has filled out quite a lot. For you Euro types, get ready to see Uncle Danno a bit more. Until then, welcome to New Mexico.

One of the things that I find myself needing to repeat, based on comments I’ve received, is that I’m not a YouTuber.

I work full-time, so Shifter and this YouTube channel are a sideshow at best. I am already planning events into late 2024 and have one item on the books in May of 2025. I’m about to leave for Peru but am already planning Paris Photo for November and several other operations for the winter timeframe. None of these things have anything to do with this channel although bits and pieces of these adventures will land here but only as a secondary landing zone.

Sometimes I forget I have this channel. Same for things like my Discord server. Shifter, in some form or another, has been around since 2002, so that spot is firmly planted in my cerebral cortex and probably always will be. There will be major changes for me in 2024, all good I’m hoping, so if you are interested, stick around and remember, expose for the fireball.

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