Creative: To Make a Difference be the Difference

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I can’t believe this magazine exists.

If I was going to design a magazine to show to potential Blurb users I would attempt to design something EXACTLY like Peter Morley’s “To Make a Difference be the Difference,” only my design skills are puny and I would never end up with anything as good as what you are looking at here. Peter runs Good Catch Design in Australia. The title of the magazine can read two ways actually. It can also read “Be the Difference to Make a Difference.”

Let me attempt to explain what this is. And remember, I didn’t commission him to do this. He just did it, which makes it even better! The first section of the magazine is a breakdown of publications that would work for specific creative outlets. Artists, architects, photographers, collectors, etc. Each category is illustrated with insanely well done samples. The first section also talks about planning a publication, working with a timeline and then the cost breakdown. No, I’m not kidding. It’s all there.
The second section of the magazine speaks to Peter’s portfolio, who he is and the awards he’s won. His work is wonderful and the magazine is a grand way of encapsulating all of these things. I still can’t believe this publication exists. It’s professional Blurb in print form and makes me giddy just thinking about it. Well done Peter.

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  1. I love this post: hot on the heels of Leica File 20, this comes along; something that could not exist without digital technology. Confusing isn’t it? The good news is that film can be scanned and will look great in magazine format, the even better news is that digital can be processed to look like film, or any other ‘look’, and will look great in magazine format. Perhaps I should just take photographs with whatever comes to hand or feels right for the moment – just get on with it. That, and learn I.D.


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      Or hire someone like Peter to do the design. Working with a designer, a real-one, is a wonderful experience. You talk and your speech miraculously transforms before your eyes into something more grand than you could have imagined. And yes, just shoot whatever you have. It doesn’t matter really.

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