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I’ve said this many times but I’m a very lucky guy. I know talented people who love to use the mail. Wanted to highlight two people kind enough to send me something in recent weeks. The first, Sylvie Lee, is a coworker at Blurb. Also in the marketing department but she is a very talented artist doing all kinds of art outside of the Blurb arena. Painter, designer, etc. I love seeing what she is working on because her palette, process and style are distinctive. And she produces. She does such a cool range of work I’m not entirely sure how to describe it all. Just look at her site. She was kind enough to send me a calendar, which immediately found a home in my living room. I’ve only had it for a few days but I use it all the time. My calendar, like yours, changes a lot. Also notice the packaging, and stamps, and handwriting. All fabulous.

The second piece is from Frank Jackon who I have talked about before and also interviewed. Also cut a short trailer about him as well….which you can see here. Frank does a postcard series, but I want you to take notice of the detail. The tiny stamp art, the handwriting the way the card is printed. Frank’s work is a storm of quiet. Tiny parts equaling more than their sum. Always thoughtful, always presented well. I love opening the box and seeing something with his name.

Finally, Andrew Kaufman and his micro book on Hurricane Katrina. For those of you who spend all day on IG, Katrina was a sizable storm that nearly wiped out the city of New Orleans, the home of the greatest football in the history of the solar system, universe and galaxy. Kaufman went up top via “beetle-bopper” otherwise known as a helicopter. His aerials ended up in this TINY, Apple book. Love these damn things. Yes, the envelope has solar stamps, heat activated and as you can see on the back there is also a handwritten note telling me to “suck it.” For this I’m sure I paid extra.

Thanks to you all for including me in your world.

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