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If you have any interest in photography books “The Photobook: An Overview of Traditional Publishing, Limited Editions & The Artist’s Book” is a must see event. This gem is brought to us by La Luz Workshops and the super-duo of Mary Virginia Swanson and Susan kae Grant, both of whom hold a unique status in the professional book and photography worlds. Not to mention they are two of the most enthusiastic human beings I’ve ever met.

The Photobook: an Overview of Traditional Publishing, Limited Editions & The Artists’ Book 

with Mary Virginia Swanson & Susan kae Grant, joined by Special Guests Darius Himes, Deborah Hollis, Daniel Milnor, Ruth R. Rogers and Philip Zimmermann.

This two-day virtual symposium will look at the increasing popularity of photobooks today and how they find their place in personal, public, curatorial and academic collections. 

From traditional publishing to small press, hand-made limited editions to artists’ books, this symposium illuminates original and innovative approaches to bringing one’s photographic project into a book form. 

Through a variety of visual presentations and discussions, our speakers will provide a broad overview and interpretation of photography books, referencing historical and contemporary examples in many forms and share how they are placed and utilized in collections.

All sessions will be recorded and available to participants through December 31.

DATES: November 19 & December 3, 2022

Two Saturdays 11:00 am – 4:00 pm (US Eastern)

If this isn’t enough then check out the rest of the speaker lineup. Darius Himes, Philip Zimmermann, Ruth R. Rogers and Deborah Hollis, not to mention yours truly. It is a rare event for these folks to converge, so again, if you have any interest in photobook then this is something you should consider. La Luz is doing a wonderful job of offering atypical workshops and this is but one example. There is also a scholarship opportunity for those searching for all options. Regardless your publishing aim, there is something here for everyone.

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  1. Hi Daniel,
    I don’t have a personal youtube account but nevertheless I follow you posts when they are out there. (so I also can not respond to videos you post, hence this response)

    In the Q&A no. 39 you said something about “show me a full reportage made with the “Leica Q”.
    I know the Belgium photographer Cedric Gerbehaye works intensively with his Leica Q.
    (and several other Leica’s both analogue and digital)

    Have a look at his work with the link below.

    The Leica magazine LFI also publishes reportages where the camera’s used are always mentioned. If you are interested I can look up in some of the magazines i have where the photographer used a Q.

    Keep up the good work on YouTube.

    Greetings form The Netherlands.

    1. Post

      Very kind of you but the Q is probably not in my future. I really need a “system” camera that works for many things, so the Q is just a bit limited for what I need. Plus, I can buy almost an entire system for the same price. I’m glad photogs are using them, however.

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