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The Pen

I don’t own a Pilot FriXion Ball 3 Slim,

3 color multi-pen in 0.5 in Dark Silver.

But it feels like something I should own.

Like a flotation device.

Or the key to the fire escape.

I would feel better knowing it is there.

By all accounts, the pen is magnificent.

Tapered, ergonomic, neutral in tone

with a dark silver outer shell

almost speaking to a more expensive device.

The only issue that causes concern

is which color to use and when?

I might just use blue to avoid any difficulties.

Some refer to the pen as being “magic,”

but that feels too strong.

Sure, the thermosensitive ink will disappear

when rubbed with the friction eraser

but this feature comes with a price.

Like a hot car or poolside writing in the tropics.

What then? In essence, the pen demands a

full usage plan and careful consideration

of the weather or dramatic shifts in temperature.

This is not a pen for climate change.

The emergency plan requires temperatures of

-10 for the ink to reappear, but again, this

feels like a weakness more than a strength.

I wonder if the thermosensitive ink will

deter from the writing experience.

Doubt is the writer’s mortal enemy.

A pen that brings doubt with every beautiful

“S” or architectural “T,” is more of a danger

than a device of good.

I don’t have to buy it.

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  1. Got one a couple of weeks ago, whilst looking for a space pen 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Lovely implement.

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  2. Steinbeck would approve of your love(?)
    passion/fascination with pens…
    for Christ’s sake
    the guy wrote essays about them!

    Pretty cool pen… good for a write, edit, final draft… not to mention having a legit reason to somehow have liquid helium at your disposal.

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