Creative: The Leica File 24

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Have a listen to the backstory that goes with this image and this series. Palermo, Paris, Tijuana and New York. All shot with Ze Leica. Poof I make a picture.

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  1. Your story is very engaging, love the photo, very cool…podcast? Blog entry? I almost put off listening to this but then I thought, “No, I can spare six minutes.” I’m glad I did. I think the method you describe for grabbing photos in an unfamiliar place could work in lots of other creative efforts.

  2. Great story, Daniel. I too like to have a project, although one must be careful not to become blinkered to what else is happening around you. That said, I think it’s important to realise that a visit to a strange city is only going to produce a glimpse of the place. A personal ‘this is what I saw and felt’, and there is nothing wrong with that; so go with the flow, have some fun, don’t get too serious, I, for one, tend to get too serious about photography and perhaps miss some of the fun by chasing the next masterpiece.


    1. Post

      I solved that by basically stopping photography. Wasn’t something I planed. Just happened. Now I dream of travel with a backpack, notebook, guitar and….no camera.

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